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Heather // 20 // F // Bris, Aus.

Happily taken by him

An Infinite List of Favorite Collection - Christian Dior S/S 2012 Haute Couture

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I like being alone, but I hate the feeling of being lonely.

When you’re alone, you have time for yourself. Your thoughts finally catch up to you. You set your mind on things and everything is just clearer. Nothing’s bothering you and everything just feels right for once.

When you feel lonely, you feel as if no one’s there for you. It feels like no one understands you or is willing to listen. It feels like you’re screaming in a crowded room, but yet not one person looks up. 

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all im interested in right now is laying in bed and kissing a lot

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… its too early for this bullshit.

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i am so fucking bored

no one is up for hanging

ryan hasn’t texted 

what the fuck

good friday is the biggest waste of a day seriously.

and its such a nice day too ffs. i just wanna go to mount glorious and go for a walk and sit on the ravine again -.-


this post is gold

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season four (b) + the ladies

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“wanna hang out? when are you free?”

i’m never free, $50 per hang out

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